ALISON BRYSK is the author or editor of eleven books, available from the publishers, Amazon, or a free download (below) of The Politics of Human Rights in Argentina.  Scholarly articles can be found on


The Politics of the Globalization of Law: Getting from Rights to Justice, Routledge Press, 2013, Editor.

Speaking Rights to PowerConstructing Political Will, Oxford University Press, 2013, Author.

Global Good Samaritans: Human Rights as Foreign Policy, Oxford University Press, 2009, Author.

Human Rights and Private WrongsConstructing Global Civil Society, Routledge Press, 2005, Author.


From Tribal Village to Global Village: Indian Rights and International Relations in Latin America, Stanford University Press, 2000, Author.

De La Tribu A La Aldea Global, Edicions Bellaterra, 2009, Author.


From Human Trafficking to Human Rights Reframing Contemporary Slavery, University of Pennsylvania Press, 2011, Co-editor.

People Out of Place: Globalization and the Citizenship Gap, with Gershon Shafir, Routledge Press, 2004, Co-editor.


National Insecurity and Human RightsDemocracies Debate Counterterrorism, with Gershon Shafir, University of California Press, 2007, Co-editor.

Globalization and Human Rights, University of California Press, 2002, Editor.


The Politics of Human Rights in Argentina: Protest, Change, and Democratization, Stanford University Press, 1994, Author.

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